photopolymer intaglio
17.5 x 13.75 inches

Victoria Burge builds complex networks of visual information from collected source material such as atlases, diagrams, and printed ephemera from the 19th and 20th centuries. These found materials frequently provide a substructure for Burge’s drawings and prints in which she translates and transforms their data into invented patterns and geometric forms.

Hillcrest is a new edition of twelve photopolymer intaglio prints uniting Burge’s cartographic explorations with her more recent investigations into the repeating structures and gridded notations of textile design.

Hillcrest’s imagery is built upon a late 19th century municipal map. The composition consists of an opaque black ground and a central geometric shape. Within this shape, a net of thread thin lines connect scattered black points of varying size. Burge strays decisively from the original map, manipulating the patterns and networks within it. The resulting web of unexpected connections and meandering routes evokes a loosely woven fabric of stitches both broken and linked.