acrylic and pencil on digital black
3 x 6 feet
VICTORIA BURGE NIGHT MAPS ink and pencil on digital paper
Night Notation
ink and pencil on digital paper
2 x 4 feet

Scatter  is large-scale multimedia work created from the pages of the Atlas Eclipticalis (1958), a codex of star charts by Czech astronomer Antonín Bečvář.

As with my explorations of notation in weaving and music, these works come from a many-year investigation into looking at, and working with, terrestrial and celestial maps. I see a relationship between the role of maps and the draft notation or musical score. Each visual diagram contains both a graphic and geographic life. Transcending language, they record and catalog information. They serve as instructional blueprints capable of dissemination, translation and interpretation. Each reflects a layered network of connectivity.