"Burge's work explores geometric combinations and sequences of patterning through the language of maps and mathematical systems that appear in everyday contexts, such as children’s games, numeric series, or weavers’ draft notations. Order and seriality in Burge’s compositions are belied by a distinct presence of the artist’s hand through subtle, intentional irregularities that challenge and redirect the viewer’s eye. This palpable mark-making references the tactile, utilitarian source material from which she works.


For Grid Variation I - XX, Burge developed a stencil of 396 circles within a square grid that were laser-cut into mylar. Each hand-made paper piece within the edition is composed of a different combination of circles from this stencil. On top of each image, Burge made a unique drawing using pencil, graphite, and opaque inks."

- Elleree Erdos

Grid Variations I-XX , 2019

Paper pulp paint on abaca and linen with hand color

14 x 11 inches each

Varied edition of 20

co-published by Planthouse and Dieu Donné