“Darkness is not empty, it is information at rest.”
-Teju Cole

an exhibition with Anna Von Mertens
September 2022

"A show about generations, remnants, and renewal. Von Mertens has recently been drawing the shadows of gold jewelry - chains and charms and clasps holding sentiments through time - all while studying the cosmic origins of gold, which is made by generations of stars building ever-heavier elements as they are born and destroyed. A chain of creation stretching over billions of years.

Burge’s drawings may seem comparatively quiet, but they also hold the cumulative inheritance of destruction and renewal. Working on found book pages dense with information, she meticulously buries it all (all but the edges) under a thick layer of blackest gesso. And then she begins again with, say, a perfect circle; a new universe starting over, subtly vibrating with the remnant energies of the old."

-Jennifer Roberts

Elizabeth Cary Agassiz Professor of the Humanities
Department of History of Art and Architecture
Harvard University